Privacy Policy

Opticlima Ltd is committed to keeping personal information accurate and private. This Privacy Statement, together with any terms of use of our website and systems, sets out what happens to personal information we collect directly from you, through our website or through any other form of communication with us, or which you communicate to our agents or contractors.

This Privacy Statement applies to personal information we handle about our business partners, employees, staff, visitors to our website, individuals who access our sites/premises and other members of the public.

Our Code of Conduct is available on our website and sets out the guiding principles and standards we apply across our business to the management of personal information. We expect the same principles and standards from those with whom we do business.

Other Opticlima Ltd policies and protocols relevant to the collection and use of personal information will apply to our employees and staff. Our employees and staff can access the policies and protocols applying to them via our intranet and should direct any queries to their line manager or one of our Privacy Contact Officers.


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Legal Disclaimer

Opticlima Ltd will use reasonable efforts to maintain up-to-date and accurate information on this Website. However, you should note that the material contained on this Website is provided for information purposes only and shall not be deemed to make any commitment or enter into any obligation on the part of the Opticlima Ltd. Any images used on this Website are not necessarily representative of any product offering from the Opticlima Ltd and do not constitute a basis for purchase decisions.

Bribery and Corruption


It is the purpose of this document to set out the prevention of Bribery and Corruption Policy of the Firm as required by the Bribery Act 2010.

General Policy

It is the policy of Opticlima Ltd.

Quality Management System.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

To help achieve the above the organisation will:

Drugs and Alcohol Management

Opticlima Ltd will ensure that the requirements of this policy are fully communicated to all employees during their initial new starter induction and at regular intervals throughout the course of their employment. The firm has a documented Drugs and Alcohol Management procedure which defines the process, responsibilities, and arrangements for ensuring compliance with the requirements of Construction / Consulting legislation.
Employees under the control of the Company shall:
It is the responsibility of all employees to notify their doctor of the nature of the work activities they are engaged in. Should there be a need to take any prescribed medication because of a health problem, it is the responsibility of all employees to ensure their direct line manager is immediately notified of any prescribed or “over-the-counter” medication being taken that may affect or impair their safe performance whilst at work.
Employees that believe they have a drugs or alcohol related problem and pro-actively raise the issue with their direct line manager shall be provided with confidential support. However, other employees in contravention of this Policy or the Company’s Drugs & Alcohol procedure shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.
This policy shall be reviewed for its effectiveness and suitability at least annually as part of the Management Review process.

Environmental Policy Statement

Opticlima Ltd provides specialist design services to our industry. Success with our projects relies on technical expertise, economic awareness and management skills in delivering our clients’ requirements. We integrate our environmental management system into the planning and execution of our work in the office, and on site.
This controls the impact that our activities, product specifications and services have on the environment, and promotes sustainable development. In achieving these aims, we are committed to complying with any legal and other environmental protection requirements that are applicable to our works. We are committed to continuous improvement and carry out period reviews to ensure effectiveness and establish targets for improvement.
Our firm coordinates and assures environmental compliance. Opticlima Ltd also organises training and education of employees in their support and fulfilment of the environmental policy. With committed support from the management of Opticlima Ltd, in conjunction with employee involvement, our aims focus on the following areas of our business:

Equal Opportunities Policy

Opticlima Ltd wholeheartedly supports the principle of equal opportunities in employment and opposes all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion and belief, age, disability, sex, marital status, or responsibility for dependents. This policy sets out instructions that all employees are required to follow to ensure that it is achieved.

Health and Safety Policy

Purpose It is the purpose of this document to set out the Health and Safety Policy of the Firm as required by Section 2 (3) of the Health and Safety at Work Act.
General Policy It is the policy of Opticlima Ltd:
The Firm are committed to the implementation of all the contents of this policy and will ensure that adequate resources so to do are made available. It is every employee and sub-contractor’s responsibility to co-operate fully in the implementation of this policy and to consider it their duty to the Firm, to other employees and to the public so to comply.
Neglect by any employee or sub-contractor regarding the Firm’s Health & Safety Policy will be viewed as a serious breach of its stated aims and may result in disciplinary action being taken against such an employee or termination of the sub-contractor’s contract.
The allocation of duties for Health & Safety matters and the arrangements that the Firm will make to implement its Policy are set out with in the operational procedures contained with the Quality Management System.

Modern Slavery Act 2015

Opticlima Ltd provides a range of services including sale of air-conditioning products.
Opticlima Ltd is an owner managed business registered in Cyprus with subsidiary companies in the United Kingdom.
Modern Slavery Act 2015
Opticlima Ltd has produced a policy and a procedure relating to the Prevention of Slavery and Human Trafficking.
The policy sets out Opticlima Ltd firm conviction to conduct all business with integrity in an ethical, honest, and fair manner and to have zero tolerance in relation to acts of slavery or human trafficking.
The procedure sets out the methods by which Opticlima Ltd will enact the policy within the business itself and throughout its supply chain.
Preparing the procedure has led to changes in Opticlima Ltd standard forms of appointment for sub-consultants and sub-contractors and in Opticlima Ltd supplier evaluation process.
In the year ahead, Opticlima Ltd intends to implement the policy, procedure and amended documents and processes throughout its business.
This statement has been approved by the Manager Director of the Opticlima Ltd.

Recruitment Policy Statement

Opticlima Ltd recognises its staff as being fundamental to its success. A strategic and professional approach to recruitment processes helps enable the business to attract and appoint employees with the necessary skills and attributes to fulfil its strategic aims and support the Company’s values.

Opticlima Ltd is committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of employees is conducted in a manner that is systematic, efficient, effective and promotes equality of opportunity.

Sustainability Policy

Opticlima Ltd provides a range of services including the sale of air-conditioning products. Our reputation and success depend as much on environmental and economic awareness as our engineering capability.

Both this policy and our Environmental Policy are closely linked to ensure that we provide effective protection of the environment and adopt prudent use of materials, whilst ensuring that the social and economic needs of the community are met.

Embodied within our Environmental Management System are objectives that promote sustainable development. An appointed Environmental department coordinates and assures compliance and organises training of employees in their support and fulfilment of the sustainability policy. With committed support from the Nomleco Trading Ltd, in conjunction with employee involvement, our aims include the following:

Our environmental policy confirms our compliance with relevant environmental legislation and industry guidance, and our commitment to continuous improvement through periodic reviews and attainment of targets.