How to Protect Your AC Warranty

Not all AC unit warranties are created equally. Taking steps to protect your AC warranty is always a good idea. But understanding the details of your AC warranty like what it covers and its duration, is crucial to keep it protected. Find out what you can expect from your warranty below.

Benefits of Purchasing an AC Unit Warranty

We understand that AC units and repairs are expensive. But especially in the sunshine state, they are important to stay comfortable year-round. That is why AC companies, like AC Designs, offer warranties to protect your investment.

Most new air conditioners come with a manufacturer warranty already. But the company installing them may also offer their own labor warranty. These ensure quality AC maintenance from the day you make the purchase, through installation, for future repairs and beyond.

Additional air conditioning warranties for equipment cover faulty part malfunctions and failures. If your system quits because of a manufacturer error and that part is still under warranty, it will likely be replaced by the manufacturer for free.

Choosing the Right Warranty

With so many companies fighting for your business, take the time you need to sift through all the information regarding their warranties. Before signing anything, ask these questions that could save you time and money:

  • How long does the warranty last? The average AC unit lasts between 10 and 15 years. You will want to confirm that the warranty lasts for a significant period of the AC unit’s lifespan, but does not go over the average timespan.
  • Is there a warranty processing fee? Sometimes manufacturers will charge you for any paperwork, even if the warranty covers the part you need.
  • What could void the warranty? This is one of the most important sections of the warranty to read. Depending on the warranty, these four small steps will keep your warranty from being voided.
    • Choosing to work with a qualified AC company
    • Registering your AC unit after installation
    • Scheduling annual AC maintenance
    • Using trusted products for your AC unit repairs.
  • What does the warranty cover? Labor? Equipment? Both? Most warranties will cover one or the other. Do your research before making any commitments.

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